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hello, nj wiccans!

so how do you feel about this weather?

last week i was walking around with just a tshirt on outside and today it's snowing.

i know it's a little random, but it's been on my mind.

anyway, i finished my move about a week ago and i am now situated in NYC. i'm still getting used to it. i'm definitely bummed about not seeing stars at night, and on top of that it's pretty loud at night. that means not only is my sleep a little shitty but i can't get the bonus of star watching when the insomnia strikes.

we've been ordering way too much take out and i feel a little sick of it. i don't have a job, i had this plan of commuting from my old job until i found a new one but they fired me. but i told them i was quitting first... in my head it's like something from a movie "you can't fire me, I QUIT!" i don't know, i feel like since they waited until after xmas and brought up something that happened almost 3 weeks earlier that they just wanted a reason to get rid of me. makes me mad that i told them ahead of time that i would be leaving.

so i'm looking for a new job, still retail though. i'm thinking about petco (cause i love animals) but i've had the most luck with staples... wish me luck please.

so this whole post is probably off topic, but we haven't really been using this community and i wanted an excuse to say hi.
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