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yay for me i get to make the second post in this community!


i don't really live in nj, sorry. i will be moving to nyc in a month and i figured why not join. besides, it's not really that far.

i am wiccan, a feminist, a really unfaithful vegetarian, in a lovely relationship of 4 years, have a dog named nietzsche and a cat named fremen, a bit of a scifi geek, work retail and dream of going to cooking school, like anime and that's about all i can think of right now.

oh! i turn 24 tomorrow, happy birthday to me!

i try to go on live journal everyday because i love reading my friends page but i don't post quite that often.

the god(desses) that i work with are kwan yin, bast, hecate, and pan. i just have a connection with those ones. my practice is very relaxed, i'm solitary and i tend to go more for meditation and reflection when it comes to celebrating the holidays.

i'm hoping we can turn this into a really awesome community.
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Welcome! NYC is certainly close. It's only about a 45-minute drive for me. :-)

Happy Birthday!

We may be starting out small over here, but I hope this community will grow.

see that's what i figured. also, nyc is like mecca for this area so who would really mind going there.

thank you for wishing me happy brithday.

so what are you hopes and dreams for this community?


I honestly started it because I'm new to The Craft, and am a solitary witch. I felt the need to reach out to others like me, to learn from them, to share with them, and to gain a sense of community. Though I found a few really great communities through LJ, I thought it would be cool to start one where the majority of members would be close enough to actually be able to meet.

I'd like this place to be somewhere both solitary and coven-minded witches can come to laugh, learn, share, and belong. I'm hoping to maybe even hold some local meet and greet events. I have some very good friends that are like family, but they do not believe in the same things I do. I love them, but feel the need to meet others like me. I thought maybe there were others out there who felt the same way. :-)

i really like that idea. i had found someone who had hoped to start a group like that through another website but the yahoo group she had started never seemed to get anywhere near that, it was more along the lines of gossip between people who already knew each other.

but i am very into that idea, i hope we can make this as great as you want it to be.

me, i'm a little socially inept. i get nervous and shy which kind of makes it hilarious that i am so good at dealing with the public. i don't have any friends who believe what i do either and it can be frustrating to want to talk about something that your friends don't really have a reference to understand. so i definitely feel the same way.

i like the pin head hello kitty.

Thanks! Hopefully we'll get some more members and when the weather isn't so cold we can all get together for a meet and greet. :-)

I'm not the best with people. I'm more comfortable in a setting where I at least have something in common with the group, otherwise, I'm a shy, nervous wreck. hehe

And thanks for the compliments on Pinhead Kitty! hehe It combines my love of the Hellraiser movies with my love of Hello Kitty. It suits me well. LOL!

i possess this amazing ability to stay completely insulated from popular culture, hello kitty was somewhat popular with girls my age and i totally missed out on that. if you try to make a movie reference more likely that not i will have ever heard of or seen it, but i do know thoses movies. i just really like the idea of getting hello kitty out of her regular cute little world sometimes.

well, i have to go brush the dog now.