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Members of the New Jersey Wiccan community, both solitary witches as well as members of covens.
Though there are plenty of Wiccan and Pagan groups on LiveJournal, and even a New Jersey-based pagan group, I could not find any one group that was specific to Wiccan practice in New Jersey. I have been researching Wicca for a long time, and have finally decided to dedicate myself to the craft. I am a beginner, and I'm looking to meet like-minded individuals who are interested in the craft, from the beginner to the elder. Please don't join this group if your aim is to make fun or cause trouble. Please respect one another. Messages of hate and intolerance are of no use here. You do not have to be Wiccan or even live in New Jersey to join the group. All you need is an interest in Wicca and/or Paganism. Everyone has something to teach, and we all have plenty to learn. Blessed be!